Monday, May 27, 2013

Seattle 2013

My traveling friends and I made a trip this spring to Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas.  It was amazing what we were able to see and do during our five day visit.

Our first two day were spent seeing the sights of the city.  We began at the Pike Place Market looking for the Pike Place Fish Market .  We found lots of shops and beautiful food and flower stands.

We finally found the Pike Place Fish Market and watched the huge fish being thrown from one fishmonger to the next.  It was just like the "FISH! Philosophy"
motivational video we watched at teachers'

A visit to the 605 foot tall Space Needle is a must if you are in Seattle.  The amazing view kept changing as the clouds lifted until we could see parts of Mount Rainier and the Cascades mountain range as well as the entire city of Seattle and the Puget Sound.

Next door to the Space Needle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition. We knew it was going to be beautiful but we were amazed as we walked into each gallery of the Exhibition Hall.  The blown glass was arranged into all kinds of exhibits that have to be seen to be belived.   The beauty continued through the Glasshouse and the garden.


The Seattle Center Monorail is also located near the Space Needle for a quick conection to downtown Seattle.

Another section of Seattle that we enjoyed was along the piers.  There were many shops and restaurants as well as a 175 foot observation wheel that gave us another great view of the city and bay as well as a peak of Mount Rainier.