Sunday, March 17, 2013

Callaway Gardens GA

While visiting family in Georgia, my husband and I made some stops along the way. We particularly enjoyed our visit to Callaway Gardens.  We were a couple of weeks early for the peak of flower blooming but it was still beautiful. 

While driving through the woodland motor trail we came upon the glass-enclosed Butterfly Conservatory.   This rainforest garden was a great home to the butterflies that flew around freely and felt great to us on this cool day. 

Alongside the lake was the Discovery Center that had many interesting nature exhibits along with a gallery of the beautiful photographic art of David Foster.  We enjoyed watching the ducks outside while eating lunch at a lakeside cafĂ©. The Birds of Prey show was truly amazing as the falcon, hawk, vulture, and owl swooped through the seated audience. 

We also came across a beautiful chapel and a Horticultural Center.  There were miles of biking and hiking trails throughout the gardens.  There was a golf course and a marina and a sandy beach.  If Callaway Gardens was closer to our home we would have to get an annual pass because we would be frequent visitors.


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