Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lookout Mountain, TN

I have passed through Chattanooga many, many times but had never visited Rock City or rode the Incline Railway even after seeing "See Rock City" painted on barns all over the country.  Recently on a road trip through Tennessee my husband and I took the time to visit both and were pleasantly surprised. 

We began our ride on the Incline Railway at the lower station.  The ride up Lookout Mountain was very steep but the view was spectacular. At the top station the observation deck has a panoramic view that on a clear day the Smoky Mountains 100 miles away can be seen. It was pretty great the day we were there.

 After completing our round trip ride on the Incline Railway we continued our trip up Lookout Mountain by car to Rock City.  I just assumed that we would park our car, purchase our tickets, and then walk out on the overlook and see a beautiful view. Somehow I missed the part about climbing up and down through the rock formations.

 It was worth the experience even though we paid dearly for it with a lot of knee pain the next day.  The views, the waterfall, the flower gardens, the bridges (especially the swinging bridge) will not be forgotten.

There was a nice little outdoor cafe to enjoy near the Observation Point where you can see seven states.  It was a breezy, beautiful day and after our climb through the rocks we enjoyed a much earned rest.  Leaving the cafe we assumed we were at the end of our journey only to find out we were only half way back to the beginning of the trail!  We had been clueless about what was involved in "seeing"  Rock City.  But we did make it back to our car and are really glad we got to "See Rock City".  Sometimes it is best not to know how hard a journey will be before you begin so you don't chicken-out and miss a wonderful experience.

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