Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Grand Canyon West Rim

Our trip to the Grand Canyon involved 3 helicopters, 1 boat, 2 buses, and 2 vans.  The Grand Canyon is not an easy place to get to!

Our day began with a van pick up at the hotel that took us to Boulder City, Nevada to get to our first helicopter.  Our tour company was Papillon Grand Canyon Air Tours.

 We first flew over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.  We continued our 30 minute flight to the Grand Canyon with lots to see out our window.

We landed near the bottom of the canyon and hiked the rest of the way down to the Colorado River to take a 20 minute boat trip.  It was a very different view point to see the canyon looking up from the middle of the river.


We boarded a different helicopter to 
take to the Skywalk glass bridge.  There were some great views on this trip to the rim of the canyon also.

After landing we got on a bus which took us to the Skywalk glass bridge.  There we received information for using the bridge. It really felt safe to be on the bridge and the view was amazing!

 I actually felt less safe taking the picture above from the edge of the canyon because there were no safety rails and lots of people trying to get close to the edge.  The picture on the right is the closest I got to looking down into the canyon from the edge. 

After taking all the  pictures we wanted we had a picnic lunch and shopped in the gift shop.  We returned to another helicopter and made a return trip to Boulder City.  There we got on a bus that took us back to Las Vegas and then boarded a van that took us to our hotel.

An experience never to be forgotten!

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