Sunday, July 17, 2016

Alaskan Cruise - Glacier Bay



I didn't know what to expect from Glacier Bay.  We had already experienced so many beautiful sights in Alaska.  But experiencing Glacier Bay was truly unique and special.  Our cruise ship spent two hours slowly rotating to give everyone a panoramic view of the bay from their balcony or on deck.  We didn't want to miss a minute of this unbelievable experience of the misty beauty of the glaciers.  There was almost total silence except for an occasional cracking or popping sound and once a splash as giant pieces of ice "calved" from a glacier and made waves.



Some areas of Glacier Bay are off limits to ships during different times of the year because of fragile wildlife activity.

We did see some islands of sea lions and birds as we were leaving the bay.

We left Glacier Bay and began to head south to Ketchikan.  It is Gala night on board with steak and lobster and Baked Alaska on the menu!  A very enjoyable comedy show was our entertainment for that night.

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