Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jekyll Island

For such a small island we found Jekyll Island to have lots of variety.  Besides the expected beaches there are marshlands and mangroves covering much of the island.  The Historic District consists of a hotel and cottages of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century surrounded by huge beautiful Live Oak trees covered with Spanish Moss.  The island has twenty miles of biking and hiking trails.  


Our favorite part of the island was Driftwood Beach.  We visited it at low tide and high tide and enjoyed taking pictures of this very unusual place.   

High tide in the early morning was great for pictures.  Sunset would have been even better but I was too chicken to be out there at dark when everything would have really looked like ghosts!


The other side of Jekyll Island looked completely the opposite of Driftwood Beach.  The Historic District had a lush landscape of flowers and huge trees surrounding the hotel and cottages.  


 Jekyll Island was a very interesting place to visit.

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